Thursday, 22 September 2016

Offering Nourishment for the Heart and the Body at the Girls Blind School - Trichy

The day was the 21st of September-the day the UN has designated as the 'International Peace Day'.  The place - Higher Secondary School for Blind girl students, Puthur, Trichy.

With prior permission from the principal and the warden of the school, we the Heartfulness team, Trichy chapter, offered to provide the 115 + kids with lunch and a 10 minute relaxation session. We arrived at the school at 12 noon.

While waiting for the caterers to arrive with the lunch, we watched some of the girls sitting around and preparing for their afternoon exams. They sat around in groups. In one of the groups, there was a girl with partial vision.  She read out from the text book and the others repeated after her. It was heart warming to watch them help each through their struggles with their vision.

We facilitated a 10 minute relaxation session for the students and the staff. This was followed by  a simple South Indian lunch for all of them.

·    Our volunteer, Sr. Lalitha, sensitive to the fact that these children were blind, chose her words with great care as she walked them through the Relaxation session.

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