Sunday, 29 April 2018

HFN-Trichy G-Connect - ZRTI (APRIL 2018)

Venue:ZRTI (Batch I)
Event: 3 day HFN
Date: 9th to 11th April 2018
Co-ordinaitor:Sr. Kanchana
No. of Participants: 32 Loco pilots and 18 guards

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Batch II)
Date: 16th to 18th April
Co-ordinator: Sr. Kanchana
No. of participants: 43 Station Masters

(Batch III)
Date: 19th to 21st April
Co-ordinator: Sr. Kanchana
No of Participants: 31 assistant loco pilots

(Batch IV)
Date: 23rd to 25th April
Co-ordinator: Sr. Kanchana
No. of Participants: 43 loco pilots

(Batch V)
Date: 26th to 28th April
Co-ordinator: Sr. Kanchana
No. of Participants: 39 Station Masters

Book Presentations @ Trichy Center

While reading itself has great value, Sahaj Marg literature contains the teachings of our Masters captured in text form and it’s something that no abhyasi would want to miss. Also, this is not something you read just once, grasp the content and put aside. As Chariji Maharaj once said, “we find more and more meaning from repeated readings, reflecting the expansion of our ability to understand.”
Thus, when the golden opportunity of series of Book Presentation Sessions organized at Trichy centre arose, both those who had already read our literature and those who are yet to start enjoyed the banquet of spiritual knowledge these books presented.
Included in the book presentation by our abhyasis were
1.       Reality at Dawn
2.       Efficacy of Raja Yoga in the light of Sahaj Marg
3.       Towards Infinity
4.       The role of the Master in Human Evolution
5.       My Master
6.       Designing Destiny
7.       Truth Eternal
The experience for the presenters was such that they lost themselves in the books they presented and emerged afresh with an enhanced understanding and clarity.
Poet Valluvar, in one of his famous couplets says, “Listening to anything that is good, however small, will to that degree bring great honour to a person”.  This proved to be true for the listeners: annihilating the fear of not knowing, giving them the joy of knowing and bestowing upon them the confidence to explore further.

Written by Chitradevi

Thursday, 15 March 2018

HFN-Trichy General (March 2018)

Venue: Br. Balaji's House
Event: 3 day HFN
Date: 18th to 20th March
Co-ordinator: Br. Balaji
No. of Participants: 5 members of video & photographers association

(No Pictures available)