Thursday, 15 March 2018

HFN-Trichy General (March 2018)

Venue: Br. Balaji's House
Event: 3 day HFN
Date: 18th to 20th March
Co-ordinator: Br. Balaji
No. of Participants: 5 members of video & photographers association

(No Pictures available)

Monday, 12 March 2018

HFN - Trichy G-Connect for Police Station - in-charge (March 2018)

Venue: Sriram Kalyana Mahal, Ponmalaipatti
Event: 1 Day General HFN
Date: 3rd March
Co-ordinator: Br. G. Krishnamoorthy
No. of Participants:35

HFN-Trichy Rangoon U-Connect Reddiar Chatram (March 2018)

Venue: Rangoon Reddiar Chatram
Event: HFN follow-up
Date:8th Mar
Co-ordinator: Br. Balaji Adiseshan
No. of Participants: 23 students

No pictures available