Wednesday, 30 August 2017

HFN - Trichy - U-Connect - Hallmark Business School (August 2017)

Venue: Hallmark Business School
Event: 3 day HFN
Date: 30th Aug to 1st Sep
Co-ordinator: Br. G.K, Br. Manivannan and Sr. Chitra
Participants:  41

41 students experienced Heartfulness meditation conducted by Br. Manivannan. The activity based introduction session by Sr. Chitra was well received with active participation of the students.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

HFN - Trichy - For Blind Seekers ( August 2017)

Event: 3 day HFN
Date:15th to 17th August
Co-ordinator:Br. Ramani and Br. Ravi

HFN - Trichy - V-Connect -Keelaiyur village (August 2017)

Venue: Keelaiyur village
Event: HFN
Date: 13th Aug to 15th Aug 2017
Co-ordinator: Br. Arunachalam
Participants: 10

Sunday, 13 August 2017

HFN - Trichy - G-Connect - Zonal Railway Training Institute (August 2017)

Event: 3 day HFN
Date: 10th to 12th Aug
Co-ordinator: Sr. Kanchana

HFN - Trichy - GITP (August 2017)

Venue: Thiruverambur
Event: HFN
Date: 13th August
Co-ordinator: Sr. Latha
Participants: 25

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

HFN - Trichy U-Connect at Cauvery College June 2017

Venue: Cauvery College
Event: HFN and Life skills for I Year Hostel Students
Co-ordinators : Sr. Lalitha, Br. G.K

Date: 08.08.2017
SWOT Analysis final session.

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Yoga Day 2017

HFN - Trichy U-Connect

Venue: Adhishankarar Polytechnic College, 
Event: HFN
Date:9.08.2017 to 11-08.2017
Co-ordinators: Bro Balaji Adhiseshan
Day 1: 48 students + 4 staff
Day 2: 39 students + 5 staff members

Day 3: 34

HFN - Trichy G-Connect - Zonal Railway Training Institute (August 2017)

Venue: Railway Zonal Training Institute, Trichy
Event: HFN
Co-ordinators: Sis Kanchana Sridhar

Monday, 7 August 2017

Conscious Living - Manaparai

Venue: Saraswati School, Manaparai
Event: Conscious Living
Co-ordinators: Bro Palaniappan, Sis Bhavani Harikrishnan
Participants:Students of Class IX, X, XI, and XII - 100
Topic: Introduction to Relaxation, benefits of meditation and an Ice Breaker session

Saturday, 5 August 2017

HFN - Trichy - G-Connect - TNSTC (August 2017)

Venue: Tamil Nadu State Transport Cooperation
Event: 3 day HFN
Date: 3rd to 5th Aug 2017
Co-ordinator: Br. Seshadari
Participants: 25 drivers and conductors